December 21, 2014 Christmas Concert at OSLC

While this is not a post about our OSLC prayer shawl ministry, this is news and some photos from an annual special event at Our Savior that is near and dear to all of us who are church members as well as to others in our community. This is the Annual Christmas concert that has become so popular that it was expanded a few years ago to two show times, 3 PM and 7 PM on the last day of Advent. Enjoy some photos from our latest concert. A big thank you to Marilyn Murchison and all of those who worked so diligently to put on this wonderful show.

Click on an individual photo to enlarge it on your screen.


IMG_2834 IMG_2836-1 IMG_2837 IMG_2839-1 IMG_2840-1 IMG_2841 IMG_2842-1 IMG_2843-1 IMG_2845 IMG_2846-1 IMG_2847-1 IMG_2848-1 IMG_2849-1 IMG_2851 IMG_2853


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